Startups, Innovation and Sports

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Startups, Sports and Innovation

Our current times are characterized by the application of new technologies to real use cases in a great variety of industries. Finally, we can see projects being realized that before only existed in our imagination.

The sports and entertainment businesses are not foreign to these changes, and in SportsBizLab we study in depth the changes that are happening as well as the new companies being created, in order to respond to the current challenges.

In the Lab, we aspire to participate in the movement that is going to make the sports and entertainment businesses evolve. Therefore, we focus on research and innovation on the value chain. Paying special attention to the disruptions that are arriving at the sports and surrounding industries through disruptive startups.

Our goal is to understand the industry from its origin, acting as a catalyzer in the implementation of new business models, being a facilitator of connections between all the agents involved in the innovation ecosystem, so as to make things happen. Industry companies and startups, clubs and educational or sport entities, as well as entrepreneurs and specialized investors, are part of the group of agents to which SportsBizLab wants to add value with its initiatives.

Research lines:
  • Innovation in sports infrastructure
  • New user to client experience in sporting events
  • Athlete performance and innovation
  • New business models linked to sports and entertainment
  • Investment in sports and entertainment
Lab goals:
  • Discover and share new trends in the industry
  • Guide startups in their business growth and diffusion
  • Connect the innovations’ ecosystem with sports companies and clubs
  • Promote university entrepreneurship
  • Generate new investment opportunities in sports and entertainment