Sports Tourism

"Golf generates high quality tourism. It is, moreover, an unseasonal tourism stable in the face of economic cycles."

Ana Botín, Santander Bank President
Sports and Tourism

The sports and tourism industry live together as we know them today, from the beginning of the 20th century. Coinciding both in a tremendous development of their business models and becoming important cultural and economic leverages.

Despite their relation being more tangential than direct, certainly the synergies that have emerged from their interaction suppose a great opportunity for every region and destination that invests in a combination of both sectors.

In SportsBizLab we understand that the study of both sectors in a unified way, will serve a latent demand of professionals that want to take part in sports, leisure and entertainment, from positions that go beyond what is traditionally framed within these industries.

For all these reasons, the Lab launches this area of research, with the aim of providing answers to the doubts that executives and managers are facing with the new technological and management paradigms.

Research Lines:
  • Impact analysis of sporting events in a region or destination.
  • Profiling and analysis of the behavior of sports tourists.
  • Sports sponsorship and Country Brand.
  • Sports as a leverage for the unseasoning of tourism.
  • Technology, Digitalization and Tourism.
Lab Goals:
  • To give an updated, multidisciplinary and integrated view of both industries from a global perspective.
  • Compiling and classifying the dynamics that characterize the Tourism and Sports sector.
  • Designing the management abilities that, along with the knowledge of the sector, would enable the development of leadership capacities for the managers and directors of the future.