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Sports is a multidimensional industry, characterized by its fast growth and unique management style that obliges the academics to research it in an isolated and differentiated way. Meanwhile, managers try not to be overwhelmed by the high expectations that they are subjected to in their day to day.

In order to carry out its work, SportsBizLab segments the key management areas in the sports industry, with the aim of codifying and disseminating the concepts and strategies that characterize each area. For instance, marketing, legal and normative aspects, or the financial criteria supporting new business models that successfully define the advances in sports. All of this, contrasting different practices of the industry and management styles in the different sectors directly or tangentially related to Sports.

The academic methodology of the Lab (Research and Teaching) is based on a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. Seeking to contrast every project in real settings thanks to the active collaboration developed by our partners.

Enter the #Lab and work with us in the future of sports.

Research Areas