About #SportsBizLab

What is SportsBizLab?

Sports currently represent a global industry that evolves at a fast pace, generating new relational models that impact our society in multiple ways. Meanwhile, the questions that were posed decades ago, are still being maintained and reviewed assiduously. It is this situation of forced innovation that led us to create SportsBizLab. A space for dialogue, sharing and developing new theories and practices that help in the understanding of Sports dynamics and specific management styles.

In SportsBizLab, we understand that sports is not only that which appears in the media, being shown in front of us, like athletes, academics, managers or fans. Instead, in a direct as well as tangential way, sports manifest multiple casuistries that should be analyzed. In this analytical process, it is important to not give up the traditional theories of business management that, for years, have helped in the development of this industry.

Beyond the management field, SportsBizLab promotes a deeper understanding of the industry and its underlying structures, as well as its current repercussions. We pay special attention to the existent compatibility between the organizations born in the USA and those sport entities with European business management models.

What do we do in #SportsBizLab?

Academic Projects: Research and Teaching

Sectorial Events: Communication and Outreach

Services to Entities: Consulting and Dynamization